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Restaurant SURR

In South of Lithuania opens SURReal restaurant
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The new Fine Casual restaurant in Druskininkai with the ambition to maintain the relaxation feeling of Calm Luxury, with attention to every detail – from trendy interior with tempered colors and contrasts, inspired by Space Age era interiors of the 30’s, to modern retro music that creates that special vibrancy.

The focal point of quality of the restaurant is its reliable cuisine, personalized service, wide selection of beverages, a wine card and a finest cocktail menu. Every team member of this signature restaurant maximizes their efforts in the profession for your memorable stay, while the cuisine will add quintessential pinch not only to tasting events but also breakfasts and dinners thanks to the menu compiled through creative talent of chef Gabrielius Zajac, fresh raw products, perfect balance of tastes and new technologies.

For your enjoyment and savoring the moment of relaxation, the restaurant is open from early morning to late night, from the first espresso to the last glass of wine. Every single of your wishes will be attended by mindful and professional service starting in restaurant till confidential room delivery.

In South of Lithuania opens SURReal restaurant… You can find the restaurant menu here.

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